Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Apart from the solitaire, Glory Of The Stars is pretty sure shoes are also woman’s best friend. Just like the little black dress in the wardrobe girls have a collection of shoes too. There are a few shoe shapes that are must-haves when it comes to organize your collection. The 2-inch kitten heel is the easiest thing to wear and walk around. Women’s shoes are the perfect accessory any women could ever dream of owning.


5 Pairs Of Shoes You Must Own

  1. The Pointed Toe

It’s powerful. It’s sexy. Wear it both ways: neutral chic and colour pop. The pointed toe is more fashionable than practical. This look works especially well with a colorful cap-toe. They have this chic, effortless look.


  1. Coloured Ballet Flats

Ballet flat almost goes with everything, especially when it is black. This is the stylish look when you want to kick off your heels. To make your shoe pop out, a bright colour is all that you would want with cushioning that can make you run-around. The most fun part is the endless choices you have with styles, materials and colors.


  1. Nude or Black pumps

Almost every woman owns several pairs of classic pumps. A basic nude or black pump in suede or leather is the ultimate go-to; they pull together any outfit and add instant sophistication. Pair with a tailored slacks or a pencil skirt to get chic look.


  1. Tall Boot

Selecting a pair of tall riding boots is very necessary. You can wear with a dress; you can wear it to the office, out at night or on weekends. Just a note most boots is about a 15” so if you are looking for boots, use size guide! Boots will be dominating the fashion trend for this upcoming temperate season. Nothing looks as chic as a white casual shirt, a pair of jeans, a leather jacket and boots!


  1. Cork Wedges

A wedge is a safety net for all those gatherings. It’s a sandal, but the addition of height instantly grows it up. Again, the nude nature of this means it’s versatile. This shoe is great with jeans and dresses.


So, it’s time to ensure your shoedrobe foundation is set right. We all love the shoes. Peeps, pumps and pretty kittens are all welcome here. I reach for these classic the most. Make a statement with essentials is your shoedrobe.


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